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Complete Playground recognizes that each child has their own unique strengths and abilities. It’s our mission to provide inclusive programming, utilizing the peer model approach, to support all children in a safe, challenging, and fun environment to reach their highest potential. We believe in the powers of compassion, diversity, community, and use these as a guiding premise for everything we do. It’s through our connection of families and community that we will help every child to flourish and grow.
We believe children of all abilities have great potential, regardless of limitations they may have. Inclusion to us means providing programming for every child, where they will interact and learn with and from each other. Research shows time and again that children who are fully integrated into a “peer model” approach improve and advance at a much faster rate, helping them to learn the tools and characteristics necessary to become thriving adults.
Our Story
Complete Playground was born from a place of passion, necessity, and inspiration. Alex Reznik, the founder of Complete Playground, conceptualized the idea of an inclusive indoor playground and family center that can meet all the unique needs of a family aſter struggling with finding places in New York City that would easily accommodate all three of his children. In 2018, Alex discovered that one of his sons was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. His son began therapy, but Reznik’s family spent years struggling to find the right fit with appointments typically in remote locations, clinical atmospheres, and isolating for the child in therapy. It was upon the advice of a teacher that Alex was recommended to pair his son’s therapy with inclusive activities- those with kids who have sensory disorders and those who do not. Within a few months, his son began to communicate, exploded right out of his shell, and grew into the incredible young boy he is today. Witnessing the life changing effects on his son lit a fire under Alex, and Complete Playground was born. All proceeds from Complete Playground go directly back into building our programs, scholarship opportunities, and strengthening the lives of NYC’s children.
Your tax-deductible donation supports our mission to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for children of various abilities, including children with autism spectrum disorder and sensory challenges.
All proceeds from Complete Playground go directly back into building our programs, scholarship opportunities, and strengthening the lives of NYC’s children
Board of Directors
Alex Reznik President + Founder Roman Furman Treasury Natalia Lehman
Board Of Advisors
Kirk Myers Irina Sokovnina-Mikhelson Munira Khapra Reininger Ekaterina (Kat) Saka Amy Beth Capizzi MS, ED. Janet Reznik MS.ED Janet Wolfe Head of School, The IDEAL School of Manhattan Chieftess Olufemi Yeshua El Early Education Specialist
Our Team
Zachary McKenna Manager Nikki Samson Caguioa Early Childhood Director Katheryn Linares Program Director / Head Instructor Kristian Perez Co-Founder / Chief Instructor Evelyna Gerasimenko Fine Arts Director Akibul Mazumder Rock Climbing Instructor Noah Landon Stewart Gymnastics Instructor Coach Jabari Gymnastics Coach Jessenia Cedeno Early Childhood Coach

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